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Ep. 42: PCOS, Hormones, and Periods… OH MY!


Today is a great day to learn about your hormones! Today we’re joined by our new friend Isabel Garza, who’s spilling all the details about periods, hormones, and PCOS!

If your head kind of starts spinning when you try to think about hormones, you’re in the right place. We’re breaking things down into understandable terms so you can use your monthly cycle to give you all kinds of information for what your body is asking of you.

We’re also unpacking some of the most common (and confusing) aspects of Polycycstic Ovarian Syndrome (aka PCOS). Whether you have it, don’t, or just aren’t sure, this is your first stop in figuring things out. I’ve had several doctors throw this diagnosis around with me, so I was VERY confused. Do I have it? Do I not? Does it matter? Thankfully I was able to ask Isabel about this, and she explained that there are three big indicators for PCOS. In order to know whether you actually do have PCOS, you need to be exhibiting at least two of the three indicators.

And there was another thing I was wondering about. EXERCISE! Why can I sometimes absolutely crush a tough workout but other times that same tough workout crushes ME?! Well, it’s actually pretty simple. Our hormones are changing all throughout the month, and if we pay attention to our monthly cycle, we can actually determine the best type of exercise for any every week of our cycle!

To make this even more simple, I made a free .pdf with a visual! Download Your Cycle Code and use it as a guide for planning your workouts in a way that feels good to your body.

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