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Ep. 41: It’s my birthday and here’s my latest perspective on wellness.

We’re baaacckkk! And today’s my birthday so I’m FIRED UP and ready to share my latest thoughts on wellness with you! But can I first say… this season of the podcast is going to be incredible. We have the most amazing guests along with solo episodes where I’m answering your biggest questions about body image, intuitive eating, food freedom, wellness, movement, faith, and so much more!

What Was Your Body Actually Designed For?

Have you ever stopped to think about what our bodies were actually designed for? Because the truth is that they were not designed for vanity. They were not designed to gain applause, or approval, or validation. They were not designed to be a never ending work-in-progress. They were not designed to turn heads.

Our bodies were designed for FUNCTIONALITY. They were designed to hold us all toghether and move us through life everyday. And they do a pretty amazing job at it. The complexities of our bodies are mind-blowing and kind of incomprehensible, honestly. But that’s what makes them so incredible!

Why Your Motive Makes The Difference In Wellness

But knowing just how hard my body works to keep me alive everyday, I can begin to make decisions that will support my body in all of that hard work. Do I know exactly how to do that? Definitely not. But when I’m focused on helping my body to function well, I can learn new ways of doing that so that I can truly feel my best.

Because feeling my best is a high priority in my life right now. And it’s amazing because if I hadn’t spent the last couple of years getting rid of the rigidity of a dieting mentality and rebuilding trust with my body, then this part of my journey might look very different.

What About Weight Loss In Functional Wellness?

All I know is that constantly eating less and moving more and hoping to move the need on the scale down further and further, wasn’t doing me any favors in terms of how I was actually feeling every day. And that’s not to say that weight loss is wrong or bad. I’m not against weight loss. What I’m against is placing weight loss at the front and center of all of our wellness decisions and allowing it to lead the way in our health journey.

When we place weight-loss at the front and center, we limit ourselves from experiencing all the incredible health benefits that come with nourishing our body, soul, and spirit, by learning exactly what our own, specific, individual selves need. When, with some tools and some guidance, we become the expert of our own bodies, and are making decisions out of self-compassion rather than self-loathing, the possibilities are endless.

So for me, I want to be in a place where I’m focusing on wellness from a place of functionality. I want to support my body, and work with my body. Not against her. So that’s the root of my health decisions as of lately.

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