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Embodied Faith: Finding Total Body Freedom

In this episode, we explore what it means to live out our faith in an embodied way, and how we can find freedom in our physical bodies. Our guest, Alisa Keeton, founder of Revelation Wellness, shares her insights and strategies for cultivating a healthy and positive relationship with our bodies.

11:00 – Jesus lived in a body just like we do. How can we begin to see our faith walk as an embodied experience?

Our bodies are a gift from God and an integral part of our spiritual journey. By viewing our faith walk as an embodied experience, we can begin to embrace our bodies and develop a more positive relationship with ourselves.

17:00 – The intersections of being “whole” and “holy” in Spirit, Soul, and Body.

Being whole and holy involves nurturing our spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. When we prioritize bringing all three aspects of ourselves to the Lord, we can experience greater wholeness and connection with God.

21:00 – God has hardwired you physically for a goodness that matches what you feel in your soul as goodness.

Our physical bodies are not separate from our spiritual selves. In fact, God has designed us to experience goodness and wholeness in both our physical and spiritual selves.

28:00 – What can we do to shake the negative feelings that are manifesting in our emotions and our physical body?

Negative thoughts and emotions can impact our physical well-being. To shake these feelings, we can practice self-care, exercise, and meditation on the Word, and intentionally focus on gratitude.

33:00 – What can we do in the tension between what is and what we hope will be? The season where we want to be fully free, but we’re not there yet.

Finding freedom in our bodies is a journey, and it’s okay to be in the tension between where we are now and where we hope to be. By embracing the process and practicing self-compassion, we can move towards greater freedom and wholeness.

39:00 – What does total body freedom actually mean? Alisa paints a picture so we can get a vision for where we’re headed.

Total body freedom means embracing our bodies as they are, without shame or judgment. It means practicing self-care, self-compassion, and gratitude, and intentionally cultivating a positive relationship with ourselves.

44:00 – What can we do today, from a freedom posture, to steward our body well so we can feel physically well.

We can practice small habits and actions every day that prioritize our physical well-being, such as drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, and eating nourishing foods. By stewarding our bodies well, we can experience greater physical and emotional health.

48:00 – Embodying your faith walk through Revelation Wellness Videos! Download the free app!

Alisa shares how Revelation Wellness offers resources and tools for integrating faith and fitness. The app provides access to a wide range of workouts and meditations that help us connect with our bodies and with God.

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