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Trauma Healing 101: Metabolizing Emotions and Unlocking Your Mind-Body Connection

Ever feel lost in big emotions? Not sure how to process them, or completely numb toward them? What’s a person to do with their emotions anyway? Let’s talk trauma healing.

In this episode we’re unpacking all of these questions (and so many more) with author and licensed counselor Aundi Kolber. Her approach to developing a healthy relationship with your body and strength will have you feeling ready to handle your emotions and past trauma with care. Aundi shares about how she overcame an ambivalent relationship to her own strength, and how our experiences are a journey and a story that is imprinted in our body.

Metabolizing Trauma, Experiences, and Emotions

Aundi explains that situational strength has value and, as we learn to listen to our bodies, our strength becomes rooted in love rather than fear. She discusses how our minds are connected to our bodies, and emotions are primarily sensations in our body. Once we name them and cognitively bring them into our awareness, those emotions become feelings. The goal is then to metabolize our emotions, move them through the body, and avoid them getting stuck or suppressed.

Trauma Healing 101

Aundi emphasizes the importance of acknowledging and normalizing the significance of trauma rather than putting a tiny bandaid on a cannonball-sized wound. It’s mind-blowing. She encourages us to honor the complicatedness of our story and pace ourselves in the healing process, so we don’t re-traumatize ourselves.

Leveraging Goodness for Support

To heal our relationship with our body, we can start with neutrality, bringing in awareness in a non-judgmental posture, and then move towards tenderness and compassion. Aundi discusses how we can leverage goodness and love to support us in our healing and explains the three types of strength – situational, transitional, and integrative – and how we can move through each of them.

Finally, Aundi speaks to how we can parent our children well while we’re also healing from our own trauma. She encourages us to turn towards pain with compassion and to work on repairing fractures as we notice them, focusing on the tiny moments that matter.

Tune in to Your Good Body Podcast to learn more about developing a healthy relationship with your body and tap into the type of strength that will help you navigate through the wide range of experiences that life brings.

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