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Breaking Free From Body Shame With Jess Connolly

Let’s talk about breaking free from body shame!

The big question of the hour is: Can I want to be healthy and free at the same time? In this episode Jess Connolly unpacks how freedom and health are not at war with one another. They are deeply intermingled with one another. She says, “you cannot have a kingdom minded pursuit of health without freedom, and we cannot have a kingdom-minded pursuit of freedom without caring about our health” and challenges us to live as freely as possible while also focusing on feeling our best.

Most of us know what our true motivations and rhythms are. When we bring those into the light and expose them to ourselves (and other trusted individuals), we can begin to notice what things tend to cause us to slip into striving for a perfect body rather than caring for our body in a free way. Once we start to notice the healthier motivations rising up in our lives, we can lean into them and allow them to take root. The bottom line is: “Are you trying to make your body good? Or are you treating your body like it’s already good?”

Why Does The Enemy Fight Us So Hard When It Comes To Body Image?

The enemy fights us in our body image because he knows that if you’re preoccupied enough with your body, it’ll stop you from all the goodness that the Lord wants for your life. Our body is sacred, so if we’re consumed with body shame it will affect everything we do. That’s why the enemy fights us so hard.

Where Do We Begin To Break Free From Body Shame?

Jess challenges us to experience and express grief over the enemy’s attack on our bodies. If we’re grieved and angry enough, we’ll have the energy to fight it off. And that’s important! Otherwise we’ll succumb to his devices and that will sabotage our lives in multiple ways.

Jess helps us to understand what body freedom actually is, what it looks like, and how we ever achieve it. She unpacks how freedom fully unfolds in heaven, but being free in our bodies and actually (genuinely) loving our bodies can happen right now. Radical body acceptance is totally possible right here and right now. Similarly, we may still find ourselves having tough body image days, even though we’re living a life of freedom at this point in our journey.

We find freedom by getting our minds renewed. Jess recommends having a full, in-depth answer about what God believes and says about your body. Download the Body Freedom Prayer HERE. Then, once we know that, we act free (even if we don’t feel free in the moment), and the feeling of freedom will come. Access my free devotional HERE.

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