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This weekend only I'm opening the doors to my flagship course, slashing the price, and adding in every single online resource I have. 

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value: $618

My flagship course that helps you rewire your mindset so you can stop the dieting hamster wheel and find food freedom!

Features include:

✔   8 hours of video content
✔   Downloadable Field Guild eBook
✔   A Listen-Only Option
✔   10 Modules Tackling The Big Topics!

This course is only available once a year and is valued at over $600 by itself!

Undoing Diet Culture


value: $254

The popular, self-paced course that will teach you the truth about your worth so you can start to be at peace with the body you live in.

Four Video- or Listen-Only Modules:

✔   Body Image Breakthrough
✔   What God Says About Your Body
✔   Why Dieting Wrecks Body Image
✔   How To Flip The Script

Grab a cup of coffee while sit and chat about this tender topic!

Body Image Bootcamp


value: $256

Wrap your brain around the ten principles of the ground-breaking path to food freedom!

Four Video- or Listen-Only Modules:

✔   What IE Is & How It Can Help You
✔   The 10 Principles Of IE
✔   The 5 Stages Of IE
✔   Next Steps

Learning Intuitive Eating can be overwhelming. Let's break it down so you can start implementing it today!

Intuitive Eating


value: $97

Pick my brain about anything you want!

During Our Zoom Call Together You Can:

✔   Ask Me Questions
✔   Get Insight On Your Areas Of Struggle
✔   Discover Where You Are In Your Journey
✔   Figure Out Your Next Best Step

This phone call is lead by YOU! So you get to make it what you want it to be! Afterwards, I'll send you the replay for reference!

30-Minute Breakthrough 


value: $47

This beautifully designed, printable journal will help you stay focused on what really matters in your body journey.

Inside you'll find: 

✔   Daily Morning Journaling Routine
✔   Gratitude Reminders
✔   Journal Prompts With Space To Write
✔   Reflection Section

You'll absolutely love this gorgeous journal!

Good Body Journal

with prompts!

value: $27

Not sure how to bring your body struggles to God? Start with finding out what the Bible says. 

Inside you'll find a prayer you can read silently our out loud, that aligns with God's word about our bodies, our worth, and our identity in Him. 

Body Freedom Prayer

value: $27

Rewrite the inner narrative about your body!

With this beautifully designed .pdf you'll be able to capture each negative body thought, and replace it with one that is more kind!

Body Image Affirmations

value: $12

Did you know that our hormones fluctuate along with the different phases of our menstrual cycle? 

When you learn how this works, you can sync your workouts around your monthly cycle so you can find what feels good to you!

Your Cycle Code

value: $12

I said ALL, so that means you get my smoothie recipe book too! My favorite smoothie recipes include: 

✔ Pumpkin Spice Smoothie
✔ Tropical Sunrise Smoothie
✔ Silky Green Smoothie
✔ Frosted Cinnamon Roll Protein Smoothie

Healthy & Delicious Smoothie 


The truth of the matter is that this is the body you'll be living in the rest of your life. It's time to break FREE!

and honestly:

Healing your relationship with your body is life changing. It's worth every ounce of effort it takes to do so! Don't stay stuck in body loathing!

and also:

You've spent years, decades, or even a lifetime on the dieting hamster wheel. We need to dig deeper in order to break free from this cycle!


Becoming an Intuitive Eater takes time, tools, and guidance! Going it alone takes longer and is harder. Having what you need ensures that food freedom is within your reach!

and also because:

All of these resources are self-paced so you can hand-pick what you need right now, and fit it into your busy life. 

and because:

The number #1 predictor of weight GAIN is: DIETING! So you keep going on diets to lose weight, but the opposite is actually happening. 


Let's be serious. The struggle is real.

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*First 10 people who purchase will get a goodie box in the mail from me!

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Undoing Diet Culture Course (value $618)
Body Image Bootcamp Course (value $254)
Intuitive Eating Mini Course (value $197)
Good Body Journal + Prompts (value $47)
Body Freedom Prayer Guide (value $27)
Body Image Affirmations (value $27)
Healthy & Delicious Smoothie Recipes (value $12)
Your Cycle Code eBook (value $12)
A 30-Minute Breakthrough Call With ME! (value $97)

VALUE: $1,291


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