THIS is what you need to find freedom in your body journey...

Without Wasting Money, Time, or Energy on Diets.

(…even if you think you’ve tried literally ev.ery.thing!)


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It is 100% possible to pursue health, feel amazing, and be FREE without a dieting mentality.

Only 5% of women naturally possess the body type often portrayed by Americans in the media.

Approximately 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies and resort to dieting to achieve their ideal body shape. 

Wanna know the truth?

Of course you do. So here goes...

Stop googling which diet you can go on, and start living well
(in your current body)!

I’m here to show you the #1 thing you’re missing in your body journey. 

And What I'm about to say is Especially Important For All Women Who Have Tried Everything Imaginable To Be At Peace With Their Bodies: 

Listen, friend. I see you.

You thought if you just lost the weight or fixed the flaw you’d be at peace with your body.

The problem? Your inner self critic is so loud you can’t even think straight–No matter what you do to your body, you're never (EVER) satisfied.

You wake up every morning, look at your naked body in the mirror, and cringe. You’re at odds with the scale, you’re constantly on and off of diets. And no matter how hard you try, you can’t stop thinking about how not-good-enough your body is!

You’ve read books, tried to “think positive”, recited affirmations, attempted to lose a few pounds, picked a cute outfit to wear, but alas… here we are. 

Still drowning in body shame!

You hate going swimming with your kids because you don’t want to wear a swimsuit. You avoid the gym like the plague because you’re afraid those super fit gurus who prance around the gym will judge you. The number on the scale dictates your mood for the entire day. 

And quite frankly, you’re over it. 


I was the same way. In fact I went from 336 pounds to half my size and guess what… I still hated my body.

Needless to say, my body image was at an all-time low and something had to give. 

  • Maybe you’re skeptical because your attempt to be at peace with your body hasn’t panned out even though you've spent years and years trying. 

  • Maybe you truly believe that if you can just do a diet that “works” then you’ll drill down and lose the weight and then you’ll be happy with your body. 

  • Maybe you’re not ready to cross weight loss off the list, and you’re afraid that if you love your body then you’ll never lose the weight. 

After trying so many solutions, I almost gave up on actually being confident in my own skin. 

Until one day I realized that I could actually care for my body 10x better if self-loathing wasn’t leading the way. 

I flipped the script on everything I thought I knew about wellness and that was the secret sauce to feeling my best physically AND seeing my whole self in the mirror without having dragon-sized, gut-wrenching knots in my tummy. 


I realized that if this was the body I’d be living in for the rest of my days on earth, I’d better learn to have a better relationship with my body. 

It was then that I started to work with my body, rather than against her.

And that's when everything changed.

The way I nourished my body, the way I moved my body, the relationship I had with my body… It all became this well-oiled machine of goodness wrapped in confidence and freedom and there’s been no turning back since.

At first I was afraid it was just an excuse to let go of my health goals, but years later I’m just as healthy and strong as I ever was BUT NOW that also includes my whole self. (aka. the inside).

Imagine living your everyday life without being consumed with negative thoughts about your body. 

Imagine caring for your body because you love your body, not because you hate your body. 

Imagine how different your life, your relationship with your family and friends, your work life, your confidence, and your wellness journey would look if you removed the inner turmoil. 

People started asking me for help, desperately needing freedom in their body journey, and that’s when I decided to create a guide to show just how easy it can be have the same transformation that I’ve had. 

alright listen...

A step-by-step course that will help you stop hating your body and start living freely.

The perfect guide for women who can’t seem to stop hating their body no matter how hard they try. 

Body Image Boot Camp


(for Christian Women)

Replace negative self-talk with kind words (so you’re no longer carrying the weight of self-loathing).

Jumpstart your food freedom journey (so you don’t fall back into diet culture for the millionth time).

Silence the inner critic that forever shames your body (so you have the headspace to 10x your self confidence).

You'll finally be able to...

Integrate body-related scriptures (so you can truly break free in your body journey–not just tell yourself you’re free). 

Let’s Talk Body Image (value $37)
In this video lesson you’ll understand exactly why you keep hating your body no matter how hard you try not to. There’s even a fun, hands-on assignment right off the bat that will help you get to the bottom of your body expectations once and for all!

What God Says About Your Body
(value $37)
Here’s where we uncover scriptures that you can apply to your body journey so that you’re no longer pulling from cultural body expectations. Spoiler: This is where major transformation in your mindset can happen!

Why Your Dieting Mindset Is Wrecking Your Body image (value $37)
Betcha didn’t know these two were related! I’ll break it down for you in this lesson, and I won’t leave you hanging from there! I’ll tell you exactly what to use as the antidote to your dieting tendencies!

Flip The Script & Change Your Inner Narrative (value $17)
Just in case you need a refresher on how this whole body image thing works, I’m driving it home in this video lesson. I’ll show you how to implement what you’ve learned so you know exactly where to go from here!

Your Good Body Journal (value $27)
Revamp your mornings so you can have a healthy mindset all day long. With morning affirmations, journal prompts, space for journaling and so much more! Save, download, print, voila! 

BONUS: Audio Files (value $67)
On the go? No problemo. All of the video lessons in this course are also available in audio-only format. Grab your airpods and head on the door! You're on your way to body FREEDOM! ;) 

BONUS: Quizzes For Each Module
(value $7)

Make sure you’re actually getting what you need from the training materials because nobody likes to waste their time! Easy squeezy: Watch the lesson, take the short quiz. Simple as that!

BONUS: Body Affirmations (value $17)
Understand how to use affirmations to re-write your inner narrative about your body, no matter how long you’ve been struggling with a loud inner self critic. I give you 20+ to get you started!

BONUS: 30 Days of Self Care (value $7)
Go on a thirty-day journey to showing yourself care and compassion with one quick-win self-care suggestion for each day!

BONUS: Body Freedom Prayer
(value priceless)

Not sure what on earth you could possibly pray for in your body journey? How ‘bout freedom?! Let me show you exactly how you can bring God into the mix so you can truly be free in your body journey. 

What's Inside
Body Image Bootcamp...

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the program, the strategies, or the support after 30
days, I will offer you a full refund. Promise.

Body Image Boot Camp


You don’t have time, energy, or money to waste NOT taking this training…

With everything you’ve already invested in your body journey, don’t you think it’s time to get to the root of the matter so you can stop wasting time, energy, and money on things you think will fix the problem?

Don’t wait around and hope to be at peace with your body. Freedom is within reach, my friend. Let me help you grab it!

How much time is required?
You can complete the content for this course in just a few hours. In a weekend’s time you’ll have a whole new framework that will propel your body journey forward in a new way. The additional bonuses and resources can be used on your timetable!

How fast can I expect to see results?
You can start transforming your body image right away. Literally with the very first lesson. The full training will give you the tools you need to build up on that going forward. 

I’ve already tried to improve my body image. Will this still work for me?
Most people try to improve their body image by losing weight, going on a diet, or “fixing” the thing they don’t like about their bodies. That is not the answer. Inside this training you’ll being to understand what’s been missing all along. 

I already read your book, how is this different?
My book Your Good Body is a deep-dive into my story, and offers a new frame of reference for your mindset in your wellness journey. This training is a quick-win with tangible steps you can take right away to improve how you see the woman in the mirror. 

I’m a binge-listener to your podcast, how is this different?
On Your Good Body Podcast we talk about food freedom, intuitive eating, body image, faith, the enneagram, and more. It is amazing content. But this course is focused in, so you can start seeing your transformation right away. 

What kind of support can I get if I get stuck?
In the event you get stuck, send me an email at (notice NOT .com)

Is this a Bible study?
No. While this does contain Biblical language and content, this is not a Bible study. It does, however, spend an entire module explaining how you can invite God into your body journey so you can experience freedom to the fullest. 

It says “for Christian women” is the whole training about the Bible?
No. While this training does include a Biblical explanation of being free in your body journey, that is only about 25% of the training. The other 75% is practical guidance and tools you can use to improve your body image. 

The body-positive movement seems to preach that we should just let ourselves go—I don’t want to do that. How is this different?
There is absolutely nothing in this training that suggests you need to stop caring about your health or goals. Rather, you’re invited to re-prioritize aspects of your wellness journey so that they serve you better instead of sabotaging you. The goal here is freedom. You can be free and care for you body in a way that feels right for you!

Is all the content available immediately?
Yes. You’ll get immediate access to all course materials as soon as you sign up. 

Do I need to be a Christian to take this training?
No. While there is Biblical content in this training, there is also a hefty amount of content that will be helpful in your body image journey whether you are a Christian or not. 

Do I need a special program to access the course materials?
No. However, you do get your own private portal, and can download a free app that will make it easy to access. It will also track your progress so you can ensure you make your way through all of the content!

What if it’s not what I expect? Is there a guarantee? 
If you’re not 100% satisfied with the program, the strategies, or the support after 30 days, I will offer you a full refund, scouts honor. Give yourself the full 30 days to explore and implement the content, and if you’re still not satisfied, reach out to me.

(Frequently Asked Questions)


Total Value ($254)
Today’s Price $27

Let’s Talk Body Image (value $37)
What God Says About Your Body (value $37)
Why Dieting Is Wrecking Your Body image (value $37)
Flip The Script & Change The Inner Narrative (value $17)
Your Good Body Printable Journal (value $27)
BONUS: Audio Files (value $67)
BONUS: Content Quizzes ($7)
BONUS: Body Affirmations (value $17)
BONUS: 30 Days of Self Care (value $8)
BONUS: Body Freedom Prayer (value priceless)

Here's What's Inside Body Image Boot Camp...

Listen, you know how much time you’ve wasted going on diets and trying to shrink your body into one that you’re finally at peace with. Stop wasting any more time (or money) doing things that are not actually enhancing your life! There’s a reason you’ve got that little glimmer of hope inside telling you there has to be another way…

Pursue wellness, yes. Feel your best, yes. But start feeling comfortable in your skin in the meantime, and let that lead the way in how you live in your body. 

Let's get started!

Sometime All It Takes Is One Small Step In The Right Direction...


Total Value ($254)
Today’s Price $27

Let’s Talk Body Image (value $37)
What God Says About Your Body (value $37)
Why Dieting Is Wrecking Your Body image (value $37)
Flip The Script & Change The Inner Narrative (value $17)
Your Good Body Printable Journal (value $27)
BONUS: Audio Files (value $67)
BONUS: Content Quizzes ($7)
BONUS: Body Affirmations (value $17)
BONUS: 30 Days of Self Care (value $8)
BONUS: Body Freedom Prayer (value priceless)

Here's What's Inside Body Image Boot Camp...