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undoing diet culture

You're starting to notice that you think about food, exercise, and your body all. the. time. and want to free up some head space so you can go live your life. 

You truly desire health and wellness but are ready to reexamine your pre-existing notions about what health and wellness actually is.

You have a long history of dieting, yet the battle with body and weight torments you on the daily.

before I tell you about this life-changing Program, Let's talk about who this is really for...

your dieting mentality is actually sabotaging you.

Dieting is placing body composition at the front and center of basically everything. 

Wellness is getting attuned with your body, regaining trust with your own intuition, and becoming the expert of your mental, physical, relational, and emotional needs. 

Undoing Diet Culture


the course

I've got a massive weight-loss story that will blow your mind, but I'll give you the elevator pitch. 

At 336 pounds I was absolutely broken from the inside out, and eventually started making small changes that caused my weight to fluctuate. 

Eventually landing at around half my size, I thought my health journey would be over, except I was more critical of my body than ever, I constantly obsessed about food, and by that time had developed an eating disorder in which I was eating 500 calories a day. 

All in the name of getting smaller. 

I thought "healthy" meant "thin" and learned the hard way that that is not the case. 

Now I spend my time teaching women that they can in fact pursue health, unlearn all the crap they learned in diet culture, and live a life that feels nourished, energized, and FREE all while becoming at peace with their bodies in the meantime.  

Hi, I'm Jennifer.


+ Learn exactly how dieting is sabotaging your good-intentions of being healthy. 

+ Discover how you can face your fears and let go of the dieting mentality.

+ Reflect on how dieting has served you in the past, and honor the long history you have with dieting.

+ Awaken your intuitive eater so you can finally eat freely without feeling out of control around foods you love.

+ Become attuned with your body so you can remove the guess-work, stress, and fear out of deciding what, when, and how much to eat.

+ Acquire the knowledge of implementing gentle nutrition so you can feel energized, nourished, and well.

This is not a weight-loss course.

What to expect


We're blaming ourselves when a diet "doesn't work" because we don't realize that diets are literally a setup for failure. 

We're going on diets to lose weight, but the opposite is actually happening

Diet companies are selling you something that literally does not exist. And they're doing a very good job of it. 

So this means...

Dieting actually has a 95% failure rate and causes you to become obsessed with food, exercise, and your body.

Two-thirds of dieters regain all the weight they lost and then some. 

There are NO randomized trials that indicate that dieting is an effective form of long-term weight-loss. None. Zero. 

here's how dieting is failing you:

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