…even if you’ve been dieting for decades!

Finally break free from dieting!



I'm here to show you exactly how to do that.

It's time to be free. 

Let me be your real honest bestie for sec…

You keep letting your body woes push you into diet after diet, but no matter how many different diets you try, you still find yourself going around this same mountain over and over again. 

You’ve counted points. Decoded red, yellow, and green foods. Crossed off carbs. Gone vegan’ish. Intermittently fasted. Drank special smoothies. Taken pills. Stuck to pre-packaged diet foods. Followed fitness influencers. Spent all your hard-earned dollars trying to crack the wellness code. 

You’ve done it ALL. 

But still you find yourself unhappy with your body and totally confused about how to live around food like a “normal” person. 

Not to mention your body image is at an all-time low. 

I was the same way. In fact I went from 336 pounds to half my size but guess what… I had no idea how to operate from a place of freedom when it came to wellness. I had dieted my little patootie off, but I was still in a crippling cycle of dieting that was defeating and unproductive. 

After trying so many solutions, I almost gave up on actually being free from diet culture. 

Until one day I realized that I could actually care for my body 10x better if I could learn to improve my relationship with food, understand my body's cues and signals, and figure out how to respond accordingly. 

I learned the exact, proven method that would finally allow me to become attuned to my body, feel well physically and emotionally, and never measure my coffee creamer in the mornings again. 

I started to work with my body, rather than against her. And everything changed. The way I nourish my body, the way I move my body, the relationship I have with my body…

Imagine living your everyday life without being consumed with rules and restrictions dictating everything you do. 

Imagine easily and effortlessly being able to decide what to eat in any given moment with no stress at all. 

Imagine eating what you actually enjoy, and also nourishing your body from a place of freedom. 

It's absolutely possible, my friend. I would love to show you how. 

alright listen...

 The course that will help you stop Dieting For Good. 

Undoing Diet Culture



Stop feeling out of control around the foods you love (so you can finally eat the yummy stuff in the regular)

Jumpstart your food freedom journey (so you don’t fall back into diet culture for the millionth time).

Learn the secret sauce to avoiding overeating (so you can stop feeling miserable after you eat)

You'll finally be able to...

Understand how diet culture is sabotaging you and what to do instead (so you never EVER have to diet again)

Course Guide (value $37)
Download the 80-page course guide so you have a visual for where we’re headed in the course

What To Expect (value $37)
Understand what’s ahead and get an overview of what you can expect. 

Why Dieting Is Failing You (value $37)
Uncover the truth about diets. This is what will make you truly never want to diet again.

The Readiness Factor (value $37)
Learn how to decipher whether or not you're ready to ditch dieting for good (and how to get ready if you're not)

Honor Your Story (value $37)
Hold space for what you’ve been through in your body journey so you can keep moving forward.

What About Weight? (value $37)
Unpack all your worries about weight, and set your mind at ease as you shift some priorities around in your wellness journey. 

Attuning With Your Body (value $37)
Learn three key elements that will help make food freedom easy and effortless, even if you've dieted for years. 

Gentle Nutrition (value $37)
Understand how you can approach nutrition gently and without the rigidity you’ve known in dieting. 

Movement Vs. Exercise (value $37)
Learn how movement becomes more doable and thus more consistent in our everyday lives when we work with our bodies. 

Being At Peace With Your Body (value $37)
Actually, you can have a wonderful relationship with your body, starting right now. I’ll show you how in this module. 

Next Steps (value $37)
Uncover some options for where you can go from here as you continue your food freedom journey. 

 Audio Files (value $167)
On the go? No problemo. All of the video lessons in this course are also available in audio-only format. 

Body Affirmations (value $17)
Understand how to use affirmations to re-write your inner narrative about your body.

BONUS: 30 Days of Self Care (value $7)
Go on a thirty-day journey to showing yourself care and compassion with one quick-win self-care suggestion for each day!

What's Inside
Undoing Diet Culture

But During This Black Friday Weekend Sale, You Get...

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the program, the strategies, or the support after 30
days, I will offer you a full refund. Promise.

Undoing Diet Culture


You don’t have time, energy, or money to waste NOT taking this training…

With everything you’ve already invested in your body journey, don’t you think it’s time to get to the root of the matter so you can stop wasting time, energy, and money on things you think will fix the problem (but actually wont)?

Don’t wait around and hope to be at peace with your body. Freedom is within reach, my friend. Let me help you grab it!

How much time is required?
You can complete the content for this course in about 8 hours. In just a few day’s time you’ll have a whole new framework that will propel your body journey forward in a new way. The additional bonuses and resources can be used on your timetable!

How fast can I expect to see results?
You can start taking action right away. Each lesson is designed to give you a jumpstart in one respective area. The full training will give you the tools you need to build upon going forward. 

I’ve already tried to live without diets. Will this still work for me?
Most people want to get off the dieting hamster wheel, but they don’t have the tools they need to actually do that for good. That’s what keeps them going right back to dieting when they start feeling lost. This course will give you the tools you need to stop the dieting madness. 

I already read your book, how is this different?
My book Your Good Body is a deep-dive into my story, and offers a new frame of reference for your mindset in your wellness journey. This training is geared specifically toward the dieting mindset, and gives specific, actionable steps to helping you find wellness from a holistic standpoint. 

I’m a binge-listener to your podcast, how is this different?
On Your Good Body Podcast we talk about food freedom, intuitive eating, body image, faith, the enneagram, and more. It is amazing content. But this course is focused in, so you can start seeing your transformation right away. 

What kind of support can I get if I get stuck?
In the event you get stuck, send me an email at hello@jenniferwagner.co (notice NOT .com)

The body-positive movement seems to preach that we should just let ourselves go—I don’t want to do that. How is this different?
There is absolutely nothing in this training that suggests you need to stop caring about your health or goals. Rather, you’re invited to re-prioritize aspects of your wellness journey so that they serve you better, instead of sabotaging you. The goal here is freedom. You can be free and care for you body in a way that feels right for you!

I've already purchased Undoing Diet Culture in the past, is this offer for me?
The Black Friday bonus features (listed below) are only available during this very short sale, so your purchase did not give you access to the breakthrough call, the good body journal, or the Intuitive Eating mini course. Because you already purchased UDC in the past though, you DO however get all the updates to the UDC course (audio files, etc...). If you want to take advantage of this sale, you can purchase this bundle on Black Friday and the investment will more than make up for the three additional features mentioned above (which, in value, is much higher than the $197 price tag you'd pay during this sale).

Is all the content available immediately?
Yes. You’ll get immediate access to all course materials as soon as you sign up. 

Do I need a special program to access the course materials?
No. However, you do get your own private portal, and can download a free app that will make it easy to access! It will also track your progress so you can ensure you make your way through all of the content!

What if it’s not what I expect? Is there a guarantee? 
If you’re not 100% satisfied with the program, the strategies, or the support after 30 days, I will offer you a full refund, scouts honor. Give yourself the full 30 days to explore and implement the content, and if you’re still not satisfied, reach out to me.


(Frequently Asked Questions)

Total Value ($618)
Today’s Price $197

What To Expect (value $37)
Why Dieting Is Failing You (value $37)
The Readiness Factor (value $37)
Honor Your Story (value $37)
What About Weight? (value $37)
Attuning With Your Body (value $67)
Gentle Nutrition (value $37)
Movement Vs. Exercise (value $37)
Being At Peace With Your Body (value $37)
Next Steps (value $37)
Course Guide (value $27)
Audio Files (value $167)
Body Affirmations (value $17)
30 Days of Self Care (value $7)

Here's What's Inside Undoing Diet Culture...

we are having the best black friday sale everrrrr!

guess what...

Here's how it works: 

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  • If you purchase Undoing Diet Culture on Black Friday, you'll receive three AMAZING bonus features for FREE!
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Confused? Ok let me show you with a visual below...

When you purchase Undoing Diet Culture on FRIDAY, you'll get:

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That means the BEST value is purchasing on FRIDAY, because you'll get alllllll of this for the crazy-low price of $197:

The Entire Undoing Diet Culture Deep Dive Course ($618)
This course on it's own is powerful, and worth today's price many times over! Scroll up and read all about this self-paced course throughout this page! This course rarely opens it's doors, and will actually go back into the vault after this sale!

BONUS FEATURE: 60-Minute Breakthrough Call With Jennifer (value $97+)
This is not something I offer regularly! In a one-to-one setting, we can chat about anything you need extra help or guidance with. We can take the call in any direction. This might include setting new goals, digging into an area that's a struggle for you, or whatever else you may need!

BONUS FEATURE: Intuitive Eating Mini Course (value $197)
This is a very popular course that gives an overview of Intuitive Eating, which is the exact method you'll use in finding food freedom! This course can be completed in just a few hours, so in a weekend's time you'll fully understand the concepts, stages, and principles that will kickstart your Intuitive Eating Journey!

BONUS FEATURE: Good Body Journal (value $27)
One of our newest resources! And it is BEAUTIFUL! The printable Good Body Journal includes thirty journal prompts with space for writing, a body gratitude guide, a morning routine guide with writing space, and so much more!

Let's break down the BLACK FRIDAY BONUS FEATURES...

Let's do this!!!

Now is the time to enter a holiday season without the stress of an obsessive dieting mentality. 

Course goes back into the vault on Monday 11/28 at Midnight.

Listen, you know how much time you’ve wasted going on diets and trying to shrink your body into one that you’re finally at peace with. Stop wasting any more time (or money) doing things that are not actually enhancing your life! There’s a reason you’ve got that little glimmer of hope inside telling you there has to be another way…

Pursue wellness, yes. Feel your best, yes. But start feeling comfortable in your skin in the meantime, and let that lead the way in how you live in your body. 

Let's get started!

Sometimes All It Takes Is One Small Step In The Right Direction...