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Jennifer Taylor Wagner

Jennifer Taylor Wagner

You just landed in our super-empowering corner the internet. We're besties now. 

I'm Jennifer.

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Author, Podcaster, Coffee-Obsessed, Random Girl Once Known For Weight-Loss, Now Teaching Women How To Be At Peace With Their Bodies RIGHT NOW. 

This is a story of a girl never at peace with her body.

Most people see my massive weight-loss story and think I'm here to tell you to go on a diet. Actually the opposite is true. I lost 150+ pounds and was more critical of my body than ever.

Nowadays I spent my time heping women undo their history of diet culture so they can live whole and free.

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You may not have gotten to decide your genetic make-up, your DNA, or your experiences, but you do get to decide how you'll write the script of your body journey

Did you know that one of the biggest factors stopping you from loving your body is not actually your body?

The relationship with our bodies is not so much contingent upon what our bodies actually look like, but rather we we think our bodies look like, and how we feel our bodies are perceived by the world around us. 

In order to become at peace with our bodies, we have to take a deeply honest look at our relationship with food, movement, and yes, the way we see the girl in the mirror. 

It all works together. 

I want to help you discover how you can walk away from the dieting, self-critical mentality you've grown accustomed to so you can walk in freedom in your body journey. 


finally free

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PhD, Pastor Love First Church

Charmaine Cousins

Your Good Body is one word: extraordinary. Jennifer has charged herself with bringing awareness to our unconscious destructive thoughts and breathing life into loving the journey we’re on. This book challenges your thoughts and the relationship you have with yourself. When you start reading, Jennifer is just an author, but when you finish, she's a friend you want to invite to your house for tea. Absolutely love this book. Charmaine Cousins, PhD

CEO, Fit Couture Collection

Jenn Richardson

We are so quick to marvel in the beauty that God has created in the world around us, but we are so quick to dismiss the beauty that is our own body. Jennifer speaks the incredible truth of the incredible beauty of each individual body—that God made no mistake in the way each of us were created and that we should love and appreciate every aspect of it. This book is one that I hope females of all ages not only read once but again and again and soak in every powerful message that Jennifer so eloquently shares!

Bestselling Author of Never Unfriended and
Cohost Of The Podcast Out of the Ordinary Books

Lisa-Jo Baker

Jennifer is the voice that every woman―whether 16, 46, or 60―needs in her head! Stop letting the scale boss you or shame you. Let this book be your new soundtrack instead. Take it from a middle-aged mom who is exhausted by the numbers that judge her every morning. This body is ready to remember why it is good, beloved, and beautiful just as it is.

What people are saying...

That probably contradicts everything you know about living a healthy life, but your mindset is what makes all the difference!

It's not as much about what you do but why.

I need you to know this about wellness:

Most people see my massive weight-loss story and think I'm here to tell you to go on a diet. Actually the opposite is true. I lost 150+ pounds and was more critical of my body than ever.

Now I spend my days challenging you to make peace with your body so you can go live your life. 


Author, podcaster, educator, challenging you to see your body as good