Author, Podcast Host, Educator

Once known for weight-loss, Jennifer now considers it her personal mission to help people see that there is so much more to life than pursuing the smallest body possible.

Jennifer is the author of Your Good Body: Embracing a Body-Positive Mindset in a Perfection-Focused World, and the host of Your Good Body Podcast. Whether through online workshops, speaking engagements, or on social media, Jennifer is challenging us to see our RIGHT NOW bodies as good. 

Tackling big topics like body image, diet culture, and embracing health and wellness with a freedom mentality, Jennifer is helping us to notice old mindsets that are sabotaging our efforts while giving us the tools to become at peace with our bodies, exactly as they are today.

When she's not flipping our mindset upside down, writing books, or recording podcast episodes, Jennifer can be found walking miles on end in her neighborhood, hanging out with her two kiddos and hubby, or savoring every last sip of a yummy cup of coffee. 


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Fun Facts

about me

I moved 30 times before I turned 18. And we were not a military family.

I'm a Jesus girl through and through. My faith is my everything.

I have a massive weight-loss story but I do not think that that is the most interesting thing about me.

I'm obsessed with coffee. Usually just one cup a day that I savor in the morning before my kids go off to school. 

When I graduated high school I literally packed up my car with a two-week paycheck in my pocket, and moved to Virginia. I had no housing lined up, no job, nothing. 

I have a cat named Winston and he's basically the best. Ever. 

If you can finally be at peace with your body, then you can get on with your the incredible, vibrant life you were created to live.

The bottom line is...

I talk about a lot of body-related things, but...

Meet me here 

And that might be a surprise to you, but honestly, I lost a massive amount of weight before realizing that weight-loss does not fix body image issues. I started digging really deep into how drastically our mindset around food, movement, and exercise affects the way we see the reflection in the mirror. And I started to understand that the healthiest me isn't the smallest version of me. And that there is more to life than dieting. And that health and wellness encompass so much more than reducing my worth and value down to the number on the scale. 

So if you're here, know that I'm cheering you on in your body FREEDOM journey. No more being bound to body-loathing. It's time to start seeing your RIGHT NOW body as GOOD, so you can get on with the life you were born to live. 


I am not your girl for weight-loss tips.

If you want some guidance on breaking free from diet culture, take my signature course, Undoing Diet Culture.

Most people see my massive weight-loss story and think I'm here to tell you to go on a diet. Actually the opposite is true. I lost 150+ pounds and was more critical of my body than ever.

Now I spend my days challenging you to make peace with your body so you can go live your life. 


Author, podcaster, educator, challenging you to see your body as good