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Your Good Body Podcast is a place you can come and unlearn everything you thought you knew about health, wellness, and body image. 

No seriously, we're flipping the script on all of it. 

Stop working tireless to have a body that is "good enough" and start seeing your CURRENT body as GOOD. 

you're gonna love it here

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God In My Health Journey With Alisa Keeton

My Very Surprising
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Most people see my weight-loss story and think I'm here to give diet tips. The opposite is true. On Your Good Body Podcast we're smashing diet culture and embracing our RIGHT NOW bodies so we can get on with living our best lives. No more viewing our bodies as a constant work in progress. We're flipping the script on everything we think we know about wellness and how that collides with our everyday life.


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I have been loving these!! It's really helping me grab what I really want as healthy!! When I started focusing on my journey I always said "I don't care about being thin, I just want to feel healthy" but somewhere that got lost and I got stuck on the scale!!


Love love love Your Good Body Podcast, book, and devotional. Jennifer is so inspirational and helps you to change the way you look at yourself and see that your body is good as is! Go check out all the resources that Jennifer has in her website. You will not be disappointed! I can't wait for more episodes to listen to!

Allie Landry

Your Good Body Podcast is a must listen if you are working toward body acceptance and freedom from chronic dieting. I appreciate Jennifer's vulnerability and her willingness to share her own journey to help other women come to the realization that their body is a good body. Highly recommend!


Loved every episode and want more! Just got Jennifer's book and can't wait to read. I feel the chains breaking and freedom coming!

Melissa lewis

This podcast has already been a healing balm to my grief over the years and years I've spent hating my body and trying every diet in existence. I am on a journey to appreciating and praising God for my good body, and adopting lifestyle choices that will give me freedom to worship. This podcast is one of those choices to contribute to true wellness. Highly recommend.


You are an amazing teacher- very relatable, warm, and honest. Your work is very important to those of us struggling to feel good about ourselves. Keep it up and thank you for all your efforts. My only wish is that you would talk a tad slower so I could catch every beautiful word- but I can always listen to them again! And I intend to! Thank you!!!


Absolutely love Jennifer and her story! She is so authentic and loving and her book is changing my life! As a registered dietitian its so encouraging to hear her perspective and she just gets it! Absolutely adore her work and so very grateful this podcast and her voice is part of my life! A must listen!

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