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5 Ways I Prioritize My Health Through Daily Rhythms


Guess what! You don’t need to find the balance between living a healthy life and having a body-freedom mentality! There’s no need to choose between the two because they’re not actually at war with one another. In today’s episode I’m sharing 5 Ways I Prioritize My Health Through Daily Rhythms and it’s going to offer you some clarity about living the healthy life you want without slipping into self-sabotaging diet culture.


What’s the overarching theme for wellness?

Well for me, it’s all about helping my body function at it’s best so that I can feel my best. Gone are the days of eat less move more and expect miracles to happen. I’d rather understand how the human body functions, and make choices that support that functionality to the very best of my ability.

The two main things that undergird my wellness decisions are 1. reducing inflammation and 2. stabilizing blood sugar. These two things are truly foundational for total wellness and honing in on them makes decision making that much easier once you start to understand how to actually do that.


5 Ways I Prioritize Health

While there are many ways I prioritize my health every day, I’ve broken down five main categories that are easy to use as pillar for creating rhythms that support wellness. Inside the episode, I unpack how I situate my wellness focus into movement, hydration, protein, sleep, and heart work. While the how sometimes fluctuates, these five pillars are simple enough to develop rhythms within, which maximizes feeling my absolute best.


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